Arie Dyanto

"Arie Dyanto is a Jogja Exactly at those times Arie Dyanto began an intimate interaction with
cycling activity. Cycling has been a part of his other important daily routines besides 
being a fine art artist. We might say it’s a new passion. And like any other artist, 
passion and activity or personal interest could turn into a ground by which his 
work would stand. He associated cycling with art, slowly, although have not 
obvious or bold yet, a formulation of new statement started to take a form.
In certain ways, the way Arie choose some particular approach is an alternative 
treatment on ‘portrait painting.’ Using bicycle as similarities for each figure, while 
showing their own unique attributes, Arie made self portrait out of it’s tendency in 
making things merely personal, and gave social context which reflected certain 
period of times, about what happens in our world today." - Alia Swastika

Thanx Aaron Tobias for the picture and Mr. Arie Dyanto for the one hour drawing.
Here's i wanna show some of his great artwork, taking you flashback to 
Love/Velo solo exhibition by him at January 2011.

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