Bicycle on Stencil by Nick Si Jago Merah

 "180 hoop" ( fixed gear edition) stencil on alumunium 18 layer color 122 x 244cm 2012
"yooww !!!" ( low rider edition) stencil on alumunium 15 layer color 122 x 244 cm 2012
'wall ride" ( BMX edition) stencil on alumunium 6 layer color 120 x 120 cm 2012
 "GO !!!! " (Sport edition) stencil on alumunium 10 layer color 125 x 140 cm 2012

Nikasius Dirgahayu a.k.a Si Jago Merah a.k.a Cibo a good homie from Stenzilla and Fixed Bandit recently made a final project for his study at Jakarta Art Institute. He made 8 of superb stencil artwork, so many layer and spray can! so sick.. Glad and lucky me can involve as a model at his final project :) remember the times when i was into lowrider/custom bicycle culture here. And the result for Nick is an A+, congratzione homie! welcome to real life.. haha!

 "Jamu...jamu..." (Bike to Work edition) Stencil and jamu sachet colase on Alumunium 12 layer color 100 x100 cm 2011
 "Siomay...siomay !!!" (Bike to Work edition) stencil on alumunium 7 layer color 100 x 100 cm ( without fork and knive ) 2012
 "newspaper...newspaper !!!" (Bike to Work edition) Stencil and newspaper colase on Alumunium 5 layer color 100 x100 cm 2011

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