This is my last day in KL and I took my limited time going to Selangor. My friend Liyana Fizi who lives near the area accompany me to visit Grafa, since I never been there so I was very greatfull. My intention was to meet Gibranos who came there early before me and my fellow Jjay "Kat The Novice" Ali , so long since I meet her in Singapore and this is could be a good time to meet her, she's just arrived from Singapore by car for Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament 2011. The good way to spend the last day in some place  far away from home, meeting all the nice people, good friends and have a good time. Everybody there was so friendly, the point Grafa is a super dope place! The sad part is I can't join everybody for KLIFG Tournament 2011.. maybe next time, have fun everybody!!    - Sartje

with Jjay, PEONFX / Candy Cranks Singapore.

nice atmosphere, friendly people at Grafa

bumped into Jason Yim & Rudy Melo

Grafa boyz

chillin' at Grafa cafe

do a little shopping in little India

Chicken Murtabak.. yum!..

Woof in Little India! woof! woof!
see ya!!

more pictures here

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